Náttúra in Reykjavik

concert logoTwo of Europe’s most important and influential musical entities, Björk and Sigur Rós, have today officially announced details of their open air Náttúra concert in Iceland onSaturday 28th June.

Commenting on the gig, Björk said: “Too often battles being fought for nature turn into something negative and into mudslinging. We will not go that way, we are not saying that this and that is forbidden, we are rather asking ‘what about all these other possibilities?‘ The 21st century is not going to be another oil century but rather a century where we need to recycle, think green and design both power plants and our surroundings in harmony with nature.”

The event will raise awareness of the destruction of Iceland’s cherished natural landscape (the largest unspoilt wilderness left in Europe), through increasingly invasive aluminium smelting activity, and a new book by Andri Snær MagnasonDreamland: a self help manual to a frightened nationthat details the destructive behavior from an intelligent point of view and suggests what can be done to rectify such massive problems. 

The book, a best-seller in Iceland, is published in English next month by Citizen Press and has already attracted worldwide attention due to its radical style, in the vein of Naomi Klein, Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond, and critical acclaim from the Icelandic media. It has also won the Icelandic Literary Award and the Icelandic Bookseller Prize. 

Held in a large park near the centre of Reykjavik, the concert also features local musician Ólöf Arnalds and will be held between 5pm and 10pm on Saturday 28th June 2008. 

Entry is free and all of the performances will be in broad daylight with Iceland’s capital city and dramatic rolling scenery providing a perfect backdrop to what is expected to be one of the biggest concerts the country has seen. 

Both headlining artists have recently finished a series of touring commitments, with Sigur Rós releasing their brand new album ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust’ on June 23 and Björk following 2007’s ‘Volta’ with a huge worldwide tour.

If Dreamland: a self help manual to a frightened nation was an equivalent best seller in America, 20 million people would own a copy. Now translated into English, respected Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason offers a unique perspective on the environmental problems that two musical superstars have dedicated a whole concert to addressing – that of the dramatic increase in aluminium smelting destroying pristine Icelandic nature. 

The book was a runaway hit in Iceland and has inspired a renaissance of environmental consciousness, specifically against the industrial metal processing plants that are ruining vast chunks of Europe’s largest unspoilt wilderness. Andri’s work has been published in twenty countries around the world and he’s collaborated with several musicians, including fellow Icelanders Múm. 



17 responses to “Náttúra in Reykjavik

  1. it will be a great step!

    iceland is the hearth of this great planet!

    i will be live at internet!
    ki xx

  2. I’m so excited for this.

    What a great idea for a great cause, put fourth by great people!!!

    I’ve been lucky enough to have met Bjork & Sigur Ros and they are very sweet-

    Thanks for the free show and spreading awareness guys/girl!

    People, PLEASE do your part to help clean this beautiful planet up.


  3. This is a really important issue for the region that has truly global implications. I hope the concert raises awareness about the rise of aluminum smelting.

  4. Fyrstur?

  5. Congratulations to all concerned for putting on this concert in support of Iceland’s environment – it should be amazing! From the other side of the world in New Zealand, Iceland looks like an incredible place, but its record on whaling, the destructive hydroelectricity schemes and recent events like shooting polar bears (!) show that its natural environment is in desperate need of care and attention.

  6. This is a super enterprise in a great setting! Minimize the waste of the world.

  7. Really awesome, I want see to Sigur Rós live!, they make wonderfull music. Is a good purpose 😉
    Cheers from Perú!

  8. how do i get this stream to play? i’m using quicktime

  9. great idea but
    the webcast isnt working

    too sad

  10. Attended the concert and it was fantastic. Both performers in their best.
    Its not just about the nature its about who we are, who we want to be, and what we want for now, tomorrow and the time after that.

  11. Good shit :-). I saw a small clip on youtube of Sigur Rós playing the lalalalala song with Björk. Sounded great! Is there a way to view the webcast again?

  12. Amazing!! Thank you, and congratulations for the event!

  13. Flottir tónleikar í alla staði….

    Kv. Sunna

  14. Steinarr Ólafsson

    Takk kærlega fyr frábæra tóneika og eftirminnilegt kvöld. Þetta er frábær leið til þess að fólk geri sér grein fyrir eiðileggingunni sem er í gangi á íslandi og allstaðar annarstaðar úti í heimi. Væri ekki sniðugt að gera þetta árlegan atburð sem stendur yfir heila helgi, jafnvel væri hægt að fá önnur stærri númer sem eru til í að spila á íslandi án gjalds og enda síðan helgina með tveimur af stærstu tónlistarmönnum ísland sem að í þessu tilfelli voru björk og sigur rós.

    Þetta er samt svolítið langsótt og erfitt að framkvæma en ég hugsa að fólk mundi mæta allsataðan að úr heiminum og styrkja verndun náttúru íslands.

    kkv. Steinarr

  15. Please someone post a link to an archived video of the concert for all of us that missed out!

    When I saw these two play together at Coney Island a few years ago it was magical, but it seemed lost on the masses. Now I believe the time is ripe.

  16. takk Fyrir.

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